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Dalam melakukan “Motivation Training” King Adventure Indonesia bekerja sama dengan seorang Motivator Pendidikan handal yang hampir semua Guru di seluruh penjuru Indonesia mengenal beliau. Biodata : Nama lengkap : Agus Sampurno, Tempat & tanggal lahir : Jakarta, 7 April 1975, Pendidikan : S1 Seni Rupa Institut Seni Indonesia (1999), S2 Penelitian Pendidikan Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof Dr Hamka (hingga sekarang), Profesi : Motivator pendidikan, Guru IT Global Jaya International School, Penghargaan : Blog Pendidikan Terbaik versi ICT Watch (2009), Wakil Indonesia di Konferensi Pendidik Microsoft se – Asia Pasifik di Singapura (Maret 2010).

Berikut Curriculum Vitae dari Bapak Agus Sampurno :

Ananda Islamic School

July 2013 – Present (2 years 8 months) West Jakarta Indonesia
Instructional leadership : building a vision, establishing a shared leadership model, leading a learning community, using data, and monitoring curriculum & instruction.

• School climate : creating a positive culture, establishing high expectations, adhering to a practice of respect.
• Human resource administration : hiring quality teachers & other staff, inducting & supporting current staff, providing meaningful opportunities for growth, retaining quality staff, and effectively evaluating teacher performance.
• Organization management : safety, daily operations, facilities maintenance, and securing & using resources to increase student achievement.
• Communication and community relations : effective communicator with all stakeholder groups.
• Professionalism : ethical standards, serves as a role model, models life-long learning.

Teacher Coordinator Curriculum Leader

Global Jaya International School
June 2012 – Present (3 years 9 months) Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia
The Primary Curriculum Leader has the repsonsilbility to :
• Develop and implement the broad vision of the school.
• Lead and oversee UOI planning and implementation of teaching, learning and assessment cycle.
• Supervise staff and monitors performance.
• Perform the required administrative duties.
Develop and implement the vision of the school
• Understand the overall curriculum goals of the school.
• Articulate the vision of the school.
• Provide staff with current “day to day” information.
• Encourage staff in their professional development.
• Ensure programmes remain current and relevant to students.
• Plan and lead curriculum development days in accordance with school needs.
• Hold regular year level meetings and report these appropriately to the Principals at themonthly Curriculum Leader meeting.
• Assist and support their teaching team in identifying needs, achieving and implementation of Professional Development.
• Develop and provide a minimum of one non PYP – PD workshop per semester for their teaching team.
• Write , or collaborate in writing, all work programmes
• Ensure that the range of individual student abilities is catered for.
• Conduct teacher team meetings such that communication is effective and goals and priorities are clear to all staff.
• Encourage the professional sharing of teaching strategies and resources.
• Oversee the development and effectiveness of assessment tasks.
• Monitoring assessment i.e. tasks, deadlines, suitability and moderation across classes in their teaching team.
• Have regular meetings with the junior teacher/assistant teacher.
Supervise staff and monitors performance
• Induct new teachers into the vision and procedures of the department.
• Be familiar with the strengths and development needs of staff.
• Support and assist teachers who may be having difficulties in the classroom.
• Assist the Primary School Principals in the teacher performance appraisal process.
IT specialist teacher

Sekolah Global Jaya
October 2000 – June 2009 (8 years 9 months)
Use various instructional strategies and method to achieve the objective of the training such as interactive theme presentations, group discussion and round table task, Technology integration demonstrations, sharing experience and hands on practices.

Plan, implement and reflect on scope and sequence for teaching/learning with school committee team

Plan and review on ICT scope and sequence for teaching/learning with school ICT committee team

Improve staff teaching ICT integration capacity, encouraging knowledge and experience sharing and improve opportunities for professional development.

Assist the college to establish a workforce of highly trained teachers with appropriate skills and attitudes to apply ICT in enhancing teaching and learning.
Education Consultant

Sekolah Budi Mulia

December 2005 – June 2007 (1 year 7 months)
Program Development and Implementation:
To plan and implement a program that reflects the philosophy of the School
To coordinate the programming of the School with the Development curriculum.
To administer the operation of the school Program.
To assess the effectiveness of the total program (i.e. annual evaluations).
To ensure that records are kept on all children in the program.

Staff Management:
To manage teacher resources effectively to ensure that they work as members of a team, have
input into planning and have opportunities for improving their professional skills.
To hold staff meetings/in services at least once a month and to support professional development.
To provide support and direction to teacher regarding child development

Public Relations:
To maintain adequate liaison with the appropriate agencies, professional associations and
other school in gugus.
To be knowledgeable, informed, and current on child care philosophy

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